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In your MemberZone you will find loads of ideas for techniques and ideas for your workouts plus a brief explanation to reps (the amount of times you lift a weight) and sets.  Don’t worry if you miss a rep or add an extra rep its all good.  I have also included a few workout ideas.  If you have problem areas you want to target, then feel free to add these exercises into your workouts.  You can not spot reduce fat.  Just doing ab exercises will not reduce the fat on your abs.  It will make them stronger and leaner but with a layer of fat over them no one will see them.  Large muscles (shoulders, legs, back etc) burn more calories, so always hit the big large muscle groups.  Using compound exercises (using more than one muscle group i.e. shoulder press – shoulders and triceps) will burn more calories than isolated exercises (i.e. tricep curl). So, use compound exercises to burn fat and isolated exercises to target problem areas to tone and lift and shape.


Nutrition plays a huge part in fat loss.  See below for a special My-GymTrainer members special offer on my nutrition plans.


If you have any problems or questions, please post them on our Facebook page: likewise, if you have suggestions or new exercises you would like to share please post these too.

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Workout Examples
I have attached a few workout examples to show you how to design and plan your workouts.  I have designed just a few but, with all the exercises, techniques and reps/set ranges you now have there are 1000s of variations and combos you can use.

Workout Examples



My advice to all my clients is variety.  Switch up your workouts as much as possible so you challenge your body, and this will change and improve your body faster. You could change every workout or find 3-5 that you enjoy and rotate these.

Try designing your own workouts.  If you are incorporating cardio remember cardio is for your heart and lungs NOT for fat loss.  Resistance training is far better for fat loss than cardio.  However, a healthier heart and lungs will help you train harder so adding some cardio AFTER (never before unless it’s a quick 3-5 minute warm up) your workout is ideal.


Sets & Repetitions

The following are for basic exercises, not my technique workouts.  Speed should be nice and steady and show you are in control of the weight rather than throwing the weight around.

Basics & Volume

For basic weight you should be able to comfortably be able to lift the weight for 8-10 reps aiming for 12 reps, with the last 2-4 reps a struggle but still achievable in good form.

For volume training you are aiming for 21 reps, you should start to feel the weight from around 12-15 and be able to push through to 21 reps in good form.

Never worry if you do not hit you rep target, maintaining good form is far more important.  Some days we are stronger than others, do as best you can and then come back stranger for your next workout.

Supersets 2-4 Sets

X2 Exercises Back2Back.  Pick 2 exercises of opposing muscle groups (i.e. bicep curl/tricep press or shoulder press/lat pulldown).

Repeat each exercise without rest.  Use a heavy weight and perform reps to failure.

Drop Sets 4-8 Sets

Start with your heaviest weight and after each set drop the weight by 15-20% and perform reps to failure.

Rest Sets 4-6 Sets

After each set rest for 20-30 seconds and go again.  Perform reps to failure.

Pyramid Complexes

1: Start with a light weight and each set increase the weight (high to low reps)

2: Start with a heavy weight and each set reduce the weight (even rep ranges)

3: Mix 1 and 2 together.  Light to heavy weight sets with no rest, then rest after the heaviest set for 1-2 minutes. Heavy to light weight sets with no rest.

Technique Ranges

  • 4 Count Rep Range: 2-3 x 2-3 Sets
  • 2 Count/Halfway Pulse Rep Range: 6-10 x 2-4 Sets
  • 3/1 & 1/3 Count Rep Range: 4-6 x 1-3 Sets
  • 7/1 & 1/7 Count Rep Range: 2-4 x 1-3 Sets

Pulses Rep Range:

  • x3 pulses 4-6 x 2-3 Sets
  • x7 Pulses 2-4 x 1-3 Sets
  • Pulse Combo x3 Pulses x4 reps PLUS x7 Pulses x2 Reps

Workout Options

Upper & Lower Body Workout – Great for training 2-6 times per week

  • Workout 1, 3 & 5: 2-3 sets of upper body muscle groups
  • Workout 1 Basic Heavy / Workout 3 Basic Volume / Workout 5 Technique
  • Workouts 2, 4 & 6: 2 -3 sets of legs and ab muscle groups
  • Workout 2 Basic Heavy / Workout 4 Basic Volume / Workout 6 Technique

Muscle Group Workout – Only use if you train min x5 days per week. Use any rep/set combo.  X2-4 exercises for each muscle group.

  • Workout 1 – Chest & Triceps
  • Workout 2 – Quads, Calfs & Abs
  • Workout 3 – Shoulders (Front/Medial/Rear/Rotators)
  • Option for a rest day
  • Workout 4 – Hamstrings, Lower Back & Abs
  • Workout 5 – Back & Biceps
  • Option for a rest day

Tri-Day Workout – Great for training 3 – 6 days per week. Use any rep/set combo. X2-3 exercises for each muscle group.

  • Workout 1 – Shoulders, Chest & Triceps
  • Workout 2 – Full Legs
  • Workout 3 – Back, Biceps & Abs
  • Option for a rest day

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