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Imagine Having Your Own Personal Training on Your Phone!

Learn safe and effective exercises, workouts and techniques presented by International Award Winning Celebrity Trainer David Souter!

From basic instructional exercises to motivating and effective techniques that really work.

Start to look forward to your gym sessions.

Learn how to design your own specific workouts for your body goals.

Fitness Trainer

Suitable for all ages and abilities – male & female
Exercise options for beginners
Basic & Technique Options
Enjoy and become motivated for your gym workouts
See and feel results within days
Become confident in the gym

24/7 access anywhere lap top, PC, tablet, phone or interactive TV
Mobile friendly
Online Support – Facebook Group
Motivation and encouragement
Comment and interact with other members
Share tips and advice
Contact David or one of his coaches direct
Continuously updated workouts


Have You:

  • Tried to lose weight and failed, or even lost weight only to put even more back on?
  • Joined a gym but weren’t sure what to do and didn’t see any real results?
  • Lost interest and felt demotivated by the gym?
  • Started doing longer and longer workouts but still not seeing results?
  • Only done ‘cardio’ as you’re scared of the weight section?
  • Felt overwhelmed by all the new workouts hitting the media?

Do You:

  • Want time efficient workouts that work?
  • Want to feel confident in the gym?
  • Want to learn how to use gym equipment and weights safely and effectively?
  • Want to look forward to your gym sessions?
  • Want to see and feel immediate results?
If You Answered YES To Any Of The Above Questions, Then This Is The Program For You!

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